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December 2010
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Pumping the biofuels in Mexico

One of the key tasks of observer organisations like ours at UN Climate Talks is to educate delegates on the work we are doing to reduce emissions. Tonight, we hosted a so-called ‘side event’ on aviation biofuels. Speakers included Kevin Welsh from the Air Transport Association of America, Amy Bann from Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Alejandro Rios Galvan from Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares (ASA) – the Mexican Government Agency which distributes fuel to airports. We presented the latest developments in aviation biofuels (many of which can be found at and also looked at the important issue of ensuring any supply of biofuels are sustainable.

Alejandro showed a video to the audience, which I have included below. The work that is being done by ASA on developing a sustainable aviation biofuel industry in Mexico is seriously impressive and will provide a model for similar industries in developing nations around the world. One of the audience members said to me after the event that it was ‘inspiring’ to see an industry looking at real solutions. I agree!

The other big biofuel news this week is from Lufthansa who announced the world’s first commercial, regular, biofuel service. The flights, which will be for a six month period next year, will be on the city pair route from Hamburg to Frankfurt. This is very significant and exciting news, as it will be the real start of sustainable biofuel flight. The flights will start in April, following the certification of aviation biofuels by the global fuel standards body and we will have much more information on these flights over the next months.