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There aren't many industries operating 20% more efficiently now than they were just 10 years ago - or confidently predict a further 25% improvement by 2020

But aviation has been improving its environmental performance consistently for the last 50 years. Partly that is because greater efficiency directly benefits the profitability of our businesses as well as the environment.

And it is also because we are aware that the impact of our operations, whether in terms of noise, pollution or carbon emissions, is a matter of great concern to our customers and to the communities we serve.

In these pages you will find more detail on what the aviation industry is doing to improve environmental performance including the declaration signed by the industry, which makes a firm commitment towards continued improvement of environmental performance.  This section also covers our technical advances, innovation, infrastructure improvements, operational efficiency approaches and our views on economic measures.

Finally, we also offer a brief review of government policies and legislation.

Scott Carson, CEO, Boeing Commerical Airplanes and Tom Enders, CEO, Airbus - two of the many aviation industry leaders that committed to an environmental declaration at the 2008 Aviation and Environment Summit.

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