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Your actions count too

As a traveller on flight, the reality is there is a limit to the amount you can affect aircraft or airline emissions. However, some suggestions include:

Offset your carbon emissions through airlines or another provider. Offsetting means, in addition to purchasing a ticket, paying into a fund that invests in greenhouse gas reduction projects

• Pack lighter. A plane on average can save around 34,000 litres of fuel per year for each kilogramme less in weight per seat on board. Packing tips can be found in many places online. For example, see these packing tips from the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)

• Make choices based on the most efficient transport mode for your particular journey. On some routes between well-connected cities, it is more environmentally efficient to travel by train. The air transport industry is actively involved in promoting public transport for accessing airports, plus replacing or complementing flights with high-speed train connections, such as between Paris and Brussels for long haul passengers flying in to Charles de Gaulle

Consider a high speed train journey, and make sure you always pack just what you need

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However, as companies in aviation are already engaged in trying to be efficient as possible, you can make more significant reductions to your personal carbon footprint through actions in other places in your life. For instance, at home you can switch off electric equipment on standby such as TV’s and DVD players, install better insulation and choose green electricity plans. In terms of transport, you can use local public transport options to get to work or invest in a more fuel efficient car. Many sites provide recommendations, including WWF.

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