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Asiana and the “Eco Flight”

Asiana and the “Eco Flight”

Asiana Airlines, one of the two major airlines in South Korea, is testing a carbon zero aircraft

Did you know?

  • At every step of a plane’s operations there are actions that can reduce its fuel burn and consequently its emissions.
  • Ensuring aircraft have environmentally-friendly engines is one of these steps. The efficiency of aircraft engines can be enhanced with cleaning services, allowing airlines to make significant progress in reducing fuel burn and cutting emissions.

What are we doing?

  • On 3rd May 2010, Asiana Airlines conducted a flight compiled with carbon reducing activities in all areas, beginning with maintenance, preparation, take-off, cruising, and landing.
  • This aircraft, named the “Eco Flight,” is the first ever domestic aircraft to receive the Carbon Labelling official certification for the airline transportation service sector from the Ministry of Environment.
  • The carbon-reducing procedures the Eco Flight underwent during the test included:
    • cleansing the engine before flight;
    • loading the optimum amount of fuel;
    • balancing the weight; and
    • improving flight procedures.
  • Finally, to offset all remaining greenhouse gases produced during the flight, Asiana donated carbon offset funds to the Korea Energy Management Corporation. This last step completed the goal of creating a carbon zero flight.

What is the result?

  • The emission reduction procedures resulted in a total reduction of 500kg of carbon.
  • Asiana was awarded the first prize at the 2009 Korea Green Growth and Climate Change Award in recognition of its environmental efforts.
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